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Rat External Anatomy Teacher Guide

rat external anatomy teacher guide

1. Note the hairy coat that covers the rat and the sensory hairs (whiskers) located on the rat's face, called vibrissae. 2. The mouth has a large cleft in the upper lip which exposes large front incisors. Rats are gnawing mammals, and these incisors will continue to grow for as long as the rat lives. 3.

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Procedure Review Figure 1 and position it where you can refer to it during the activity. Place the specimen on a dissecting tray and observe the external anatomy of the rat. Note: Double-injected specimen may... Examine the rat, observing it from all angles. Manipulate your specimen’s limbs and note ...

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Rat External Anatomy. Step 1: In the biology lab, you will be working with specimens that have been preserved in chemicals and you will be working with sharp instruments. Before you start, obtain safety goggles, and nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves come in different sizes, most women will wear a medium and most men will wear a large. This can vary though.

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Tail. Caudal. Norstrils. Found at the edge of a hairless zone . the most anterior point of the body. Lips. Upper lip is split medially. Teeth. Two prominent inscissors and six molars on the upper and lower jaw. Eyes.

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Squid Dissection. External Anatomy: Find each of the parts, check the box to indicate that you found it. 1. Locate the water jet. The water jet is found on the ventral side of the squid. 2. The tentacles (long) and arms (short) are attached to the head of the squid. ... Squid Dissection Teacher's Guide. Original Document: ...

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The testes (singular: testis) are contained in two separate membranes called scrotal sacs. In a young rat they descend between 4-6 weeks of age. Throughout the rat’s life the testes are able to move up into the rat’s abdominal cavity as a result of the feature of the rat having an open inguinal canal.

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If you need to teach the procedure for a wet lab dissection or teach students about mammal anatomy, then Rat Dissection is worth the price. Have students take turns working their way through the app for practice before doing a non-virtual wet lab dissection. Some kids find animal dissection unethical, so you can also use the app as an alternative.

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animals except the rat lacks a foramen of Magendie. •The hypophysis in the female is greater in weight than the male. •The surface of the rat cerebrum, as with most lower mammals, is smooth without the complex sulcal pattern seen in humans Endocrine System •Adrenal glands are larger in the female than the male. ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY

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An Illustrated Guide to the Dissection of the Shark Introduction Sharks used in dissection classes are usually the dogfish: Squalus acanthias. Because of its ready availability and primitive chordate structure, it is often the only fish a student will dissect in a comparative anatomy course. Tools you will need for the dissection are: 1.

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We performed a rat dissection for our semester task. Just a few amateurs trying to dissect rat. This video is for educational purpose only. Mouse / rat disse...

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Rat External Anatomy The rat's body is divided into six anatomical regions: • cranial region - head • cervical region - neck • pectoral region - area where foreleg (front) legs attach • thoracic region - chest area • abdomen - belly • pelvic region - area where the hind (back) legs attach 14.

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In this video, I talk you through how to do a dissection of a rat to highlight the major mammalian organ systems. It shows the excretory system, digestive system, respiratory system, nervous ...

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which is the external opening of the urogenital system. Males also have a pair of scrotal sacs. The size of the scrotal sacs is variable depending on the maturity of the rat and its point in the reproductive cycle (Fig. 3.2). In males the anus lies dorsal to the scrotal sacs.

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Part A: Observing the Fish’s External Anatomy 1. Ensure each group member is wearing an apron and goggles properly. 2. Obtain one pair of vinyl gloves per group member. 3. Place the fish in the dissecting pan. 4. Immediately wash the perch in the sink to remove as much preservative fluid as possible. 5.

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2.9 (Part 1 & Part 2): Salmon External Anatomy” and “Handout 2.10 (Part 1 & Part 2): Salmon Internal Anatomy” onto an overhead transparency for reference. • Dissections may be offered as demonstrations or as a hands-on activity with pairs or groups of students dissecting salmon as teachers model the procedure.

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External Anatomy of the Dogfish Shark; Examine the side view photographs of the spiny dogfish shark by clicking the blue lettered links in the column to the right. The shark has a graceful and streamlined body shape built for fast, long distance swimming. The body is divided into the head, trunk, and tail.

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Rat Skeleton by shari23 21,644 plays 34p Image Quiz Rat Artery Anatomy by sethjones 12,673 plays 24p Image Quiz Rat Major Organs by TLenig 21,678 plays 14p Image Quiz

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Primack was AMAZING. He is so easy and fun to talk to and was the best teacher that I have ever had. I am so glad that I had him for 201 and 202. I learned SO much and while he was harder than the professors that some of my friends had, I definitely mastered the content more than they did, and that is more important when we have lives in our hands.

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powerpoint as your guide through ... Use the diagram on the following two slides to fill in the blanks of your lab sheet. Dorsal View . Ventral View . External anatomy – dorsal view Review the external parts with your lab partner… repeat the structures verbally out loud as you ... Google “Crayfish dissection” for online help . Title:

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One of the hardest parts I found about starting to teach ZOOLOGY was finding information about doing dissections. Below are slide shows I created to walk students through dissections, as well as other helpful links. ... Rat anatomy Biology corner Shannon Musckopf rat dissection video K state rat dissection BIO200Buffalo-Mouse Dissection .

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What follows are some puns, jokes and riddles that relate to things in a fetal pig dissection lab: science, medicine, anatomy and pigs. If you are a teacher, you might occasionally find the opportunity to tell one in class. (For example, when coming to the section on the skeleton, ask a skeleton riddle.) Many thanks […]

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To properly care for a pet rat, choose a large cage with solid flooring, levels, powder coated bars, and ramps. For every rat, there should be a minimum of 2 square feet of cage space, but 2.5 square feet or more is preferable. Rats are social, so it’s best to have at least 2 rats together.

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Kidney Dissection Guide In this activity, you will examine the outside of a beef kidney and then cut it open to see and identify the structures inside the kidney. To get full credit for this activity, your group will need to do three things: 1) Follow the instructions in this dissection guide to identify all the structures in the kidney.

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Full color photographs show you the way. Teachers guides provided by science supply houses just cannot compare! STUDENT DIRECTIONS AND WORK PACKET - These eleven pages lead your students through step-by-step observations of frog anatomy including: external structures, inside the frog’s mouth, abdominal cavity, chest cavity.

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This Fetal Pig Dissection Worksheet is suitable for 9th - 12th Grade. For this dissection worksheet, students use a preserved fetal pig to learn more about anatomical terms and body systems. Detailed diagrams and instructions are provided to guide the students through the dissection. Students complete 81 different types of questions.

Rat External Anatomy Teacher Guide

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Rat External Anatomy Teacher Guide